Saturday, May 24, 2008

My First Triangle Rosemary's Rainbow

I am so happy that Anina is throwing in a triangle here and there. I was dreading these, but finished the first one and it was not bad at all. I mirrored mine on purpose, I like it going in the opposite direction better. Still trying to catch up with the blocks. Hubby and I are off to dinner and a concert of Gloria Estefan tonight to celebrate our 32nd anniversary and a family cookout on Monday. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone.


Anina said...

I love your triangle.
Hope you had a great time at the concert.

Karen said...

I enjoy popping in to see your block progress. I think this triangle block is very striking.

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing all those inspiring blocks - going to give rge circlet of stars a try!!

Fiesta said...

I love it. That is the next one I am going to make.